Off to Nehterlands for energy seminar with D66 and ELDR


I have the pleasure and honour to represent Centerpartiet at an international seminar on Energy Transition in Europe together with our liberal group in the European Parliament ELDR. Hosts for the ”round table discussion” will be D66 and the place Amsterdam, Holland, and I will present good examples from Sweden on the same topic. Mainly they will be taken from the Stockholm region with the Royal Seaport as the greatest shining star perhaps, but also local examples from the municipality of Huddinge.

I will also, on Saturday, have the possibility to participate in the party Congress of D66 which I look very much forward to. Interchange of ideas is always interesting and give you some new knowledge and friends you did not have before. Hopefully Centerpartiet in Huddinge will continue to establish contact with D66, as surely will the rest of Centerpartiet.

At the seminar I will explain the comprehensive model that Centerpartiet and the Alliance have been elaborating and implementing since 2006, with very high environmental goals indeed from an International perspective. In short I will pur forward that there is not ONE solution to the challenge of finding new ways to save energy, but several, for example:

Compulsive action (comgestion charges, individual meters and emission trading)

Positive action (sustainable municipalities project, tax exemptions for green cars and international cooperation agreements)

Public investment (public transport and investigation for green technology)

Voluntary action and information (Energy Efficiency Programme, marketing campaigns and local advice agencies)

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